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Online Workshop UNWANTED CHILD, Healing the Inner Child & Trauma

27. December 2022 | 09:00 - 23:00


Workshop duration: approx. 3 hours

Unwanted children suffer throughout their lives. They are unable to fight back and face numerous life difficulties. They often have relationship problems, feel worthless and useless. They hardly have success, happieness and joy in life. They are like cursed and always looking for help and support.

In this healing workshop you will get the opportunity to finally free yourself from this trauma and heal. You get a chance to know your new identity – your true personality and thus explore and tackle the new horizons and opportunities in life.

Workshop topics and healing transmissions:

  • Unwanted child or sex, “minor accident” and more… – consequences and effects
  • Prenatal Time – Soul and Body Healing in the Womb
  • Healing of the inner child – building a relationship with oneself, with one’s own Little Soul
  • Healing of stressful feelings like fears, resignation, shame, guilt, worthlessness, depression, hatred, insecurity and many more, of blocking beliefs (“nobody needs me”, “I have no right to be there”, “I am wrong”…) and self-destructive, compulsive behavior
  • Healing of mental and physical injuries, abuse and violence energies
  • Healing and strengthening of self-esteem and inner strength
  • Permission “TO BE THERE!”, rewrite life script
  • Access to the inexhaustible wisdom and healing power of your soul
  • Finally be free – YES to yourself as a woman/man, YES to your own body, YES to life on mother earth

In order to save the healing programs of healing transmissions, we recommend you to use the personal SVETL generator in the form of pendants or bracelets.

Our product recommendation for you:

We recommend having a white candle ready – this enhances the effect during healing transmissions at this workshop.

You are welcome to purchase the coded healing candles from our online store and also perform the healing rituals at a later time that suits you.

Voices of our participants:

  • Dear Elena, dear Alexander, I am very grateful and very very touched by this workshop on healing the inner child, the little soul. Already your voice, dear Elena, has a healing effect on my soul. The healing transmissions of Alexander have a very deep effect, I can’t find suitable words for the experiences and feelings they trigger in me and how cathartic, relieving they are!!!! During the healing transmissions my heart became lighter and fuller, it was beautiful to meet my inner child and embrace it. My soul is so happy that I gave her this time and especially my full attention. There would be more to say, but for now I say again from the bottom of my heart thank you for your immeasurably valuable work. Such a lovingly designed workshop is like a treasure of gold! Thank you for your wonderful creation, thank you from the bottom of my heart for both of you being and working.
    all love from Sabine
  • Soooo beautiful and profound. I feel that this will still have a tremendous impact. There was much that I was not yet aware of or familiar with.
    The healing transmissions… worth “gold”! Clearly. When I stand in front of the mirror after one of these and say to myself, “I’m so glad to finally see you again!” with lots of tears and full of joy, then something has happened that I was not able to do mentally before.
    I thank myself for the willingness, the opening, the investment and the implementation to participate here. I enjoyed it.
    Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. It´s an honour for me.
  • A very loving workshop, as always with the beautiful voice of Elena, which goes deep into the soul. Taking my inner child into my heart was very healing. To write, to wrap the old in divine love and let go, to open my wings and go so strongly and radically into my power and vocation are once again new beautiful and very important levels! To hear, feel and understand why you are loved and to give thanks for life is simply good. Thank you for the great healing transmissions, for the many explanations and practical tips! I really enjoy the unlocking to the whole day. So there is much more peace and effect in it. Many, many thanks!
  • Respectfully and full of gratitude and awe for your wonderful work for us humans! This healing work is so vital for all people. I bow before your soul.🌹🙏 Margit
  • How much healing I received during my review of this valuable workshop! Thanks you! Even at the age of 80 I can still start anew! I had spent a lifetime hiding behind a mask of loving and conforming in order to survive. Now I can drop my mask, get to know my true self – and dare to show my true emotions. I feel a new vitality and zest for life! The healing transmissions were a very liberating experience on all levels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful workshop! God bless you!
    Namasté, Anke-Maria
  • Thank you so much for such a deep and insightful workshop! Am now full of inner satisfaction and warmth. Carrying my inner child in my heart makes me soooo happy!
    Many, many thanks and light and love for you!
  • Dear Elena, dear Aleksander!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great work you are doing and the powerful work. It was all a very profound experience today and it gave me a valuable look at my issues and I feel very good.
    I feel I have gotten what I need today to be able to take my next steps. Step by step with joy and from the heart. To live my inner child at the appropriate time, as well as to follow my calling as an adult.
    I wish you both all the best and all the love :-)
  • So much knowledge and so much healing! I am so grateful to you both for your healing workshops that are finally bringing release and healing to my traumas. THANK YOU for your great healing work! Kind Regards, Ute
  • Thank you for these enlightening, emotional and peace-bringing hours! It takes me a long way in my self-discovery and for my self-esteem. I lacked patience, which I can probably muster more now that I understand everything better.
    All the love, Carmen

Die Workshop-Dauer beträgt ca. 3 Stunden.
Der Zugang zum Workshop ist von 9 Uhr morgens bis 23 Uhr abends freigeschaltet.
Somit können Sie sich frei entscheiden, wann Sie den Workshop anschauen möchten.

Gebühr für den Online-Workshop: 95,- €

Wiederholungsrabatt: Allen Wiederholern/innen gewähren wir mit dem Code orania30 einen Nachlass i.H.v. 30 € auf den regulären Preis.



27. December 2022
09:00 - 23:00


Orania Team
Elena Martin
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27. December 2022
09:00 - 23:00


Orania Team
Elena Martin
Event Categories:
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