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Online Workshop MIND CONTROL – Liberation from Manipulation and Protection

3. December 2022 | 09:00 - 23:00

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Workshop duration: approx. 3 hours

An exciting, deep healing workshop where participants will be given the theoretical knowledge, many experiences and numerous healings (on a metaphysical level).

On the way to the New Age, humanity is to remember and transform itself more and more back to its origin. An important condition on this path is the Liberation from information blockades, slave programs, false identity and foreign structures (such as implants and foreign genetics), Redemption from external control, dependence, mind control and subordination.

You will get the opportunity to to get rid of various manipulation programs, foreign influences, beliefs created by propaganda, education, school, religious institutions, other institutes and technical manipulations.

We are manipulated every day, and so subtly that hardly anyone notices. In this workshop you will learn how media, subliminal messages on TV, electromagnetic waves and many other things influence our thinking and behavior.

After the great changes on our planet (more about this at the seminar of A. Kalen “Secret Knowledge & Super-Life in the Future”) and consciously executing human manipulations, the performance of human brain was reduced to the level of
From approx. 3 % of the original potential lowered. In order to be able to keep most people further on the slave level, special blockades and manipulation programs have been “installed” in people on the genetic (DNA) and subtle levels, which slow down the development of soul, consciousness, brain and human transformation and partly even block it completely.

In addition, in the last 100 years or so, the new “finest” means and methods of mind control and behavior influence of people. We take a close look at the techniques and effects of mass manipulation. You will learn how to escape propaganda and influence today and how to protect yourself from mind control.
This knowledge is very valuable and current in our time for all people, so that you can recognize the manipulation instruments in time and escape from them.

Expand your horizons so that we all create the basis for a fulfilling and healthy life, development and transformation!

Focuses and healing transmissions:

  • When did the first manipulations on Earth occur?
    Why, by whom and for what are people manipulated?
  • How does Mind Control work – different types and methods of manipulations;
    how and through which technologies are manipulations made and what are the consequences for people?
  • Blockades to information reception and against human advancement – causes and consequences. What happens to the brain (metaphysical and gross) in the process? Healing transmission to dissolve blockages to the reception of information.
  • Healing of false identity created by upbringing, education, society & co.
  • Dissolving manipulations, attachments, feelings of guilt, fear and sin created by religious institutes and rituals.
  • Energetic liberation and purification from effects caused by electromagnetic fields and waves; also implant deactivation (on metaphysical level).
  • Healing transmission to activate detoxification and elimination mechanisms in the body – to accelerate body liberation from toxins, heavy metals, toxins, artificial additives and others.
  • Protection against manipulation in everyday life; metaphysical installation for better recognition of influences; development of strength and protective abilities against negative influences and manipulation

In order to store the healing programs of healing transmissions, we recommend you the personal SVETL generator in the form of pendant or bracelet.

Workshop times:
The workshop duration is about 3 hours.
Access to the workshop is open from 9am to 11pm.
So you are free to decide when you want to watch the workshop.

Online workshop fee: 95,- €

For low-income earners:
Seminar or training participation should not fail because of money. We offer Charity-Tickets. If interested, write to post@orania-zentrum.de

Repeat discount:
All repeat participants of the workshop of the same name will receive a discount of 30 € on the regular price with the code orania30.


3. December 2022
09:00 - 23:00


Orania Team
Elena Martin


3. December 2022
09:00 - 23:00


Orania Team
Elena Martin
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